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The uniquely Swiss “ad pondus” customs duty

Switzerland is the only member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) that levies customs duties for industrial goods according to weight rather than value. This method for calculating customs duties is applied for historical reasons. No political efforts are currently being made to align the system for calculating customs duties with those used in other WTO member countries.

Appeal upheld – exclusion from course of study averted

In its decision of 13 July 2022, the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Economics of a Swiss university approved an appeal lodged by Kanzlei König. The appeal concerned a student’s exclusion from a course of study. The exclusion was ordered because the student had failed to submit an assignment on time. Kanzlei König submitted that the failure to meet the deadline was not the student’s own fault.

Exam passed!

In 2021/2022, Kanzlei König lodged an appeal to a federal authority on behalf of a student who had failed an exam in her vocational education and training course. During the appeal, it was found that formal and factual errors occurred during the marking of the exam. The exam result was revised to a passing grade in June 2022.

We’re celebrating “75 years of the Swiss School Rome”

The Swiss School Rome is celebrating its 75th anniversary – in the attendance of Federal Councillor Alain Berset.

Request seeking the launch of disciplinary proceedings withdrawn

In September 2021, the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Law at a Swiss University requested the Rector to launch a disciplinary procedure against a student. Kanzlei König filed an objection and was able to obtain the withdrawal of the request by the Office of the Dean in November 2021.

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