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Appeal upheld – exclusion from course of study averted

Appeal upheld – exclusion from course of study averted

In its decision of 13 July 2022, the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Economics of a Swiss university approved an appeal lodged by Kanzlei König. The appeal concerned a student’s exclusion from a course of study. The exclusion was ordered because the student had failed to submit an assignment on time. Kanzlei König submitted that the failure to meet the deadline was not the student’s own fault.

The student had completed his bachelor’s degree at a foreign university and transferred to a Swiss university for his master’s degree. The student was given certain additional requirements for the successful completion of this degree, including the submission of a major assignment within a certain period of time. However, the student was unable to find a supervisor for this assignment within a reasonable period of time and consequently submitted the assignment late. He was excluded from the course of study.

Kanzlei König lodged an appeal against such exclusion. The appeal was upheld, the exclusion from the course was revoked, and the deadline for complying with the conditions was extended accordingly.

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